Member Benefits/Resources
NISS Website
As our most utilized resource, we are constantly adding new features based on member company feedback. For a glimpse of some of the resources available free of charge to our member companies, please click here.

Online submissions: Data files can be easily and securely uploaded on the NISS member website. NISS has streamlined the file uploading process, making your choices specific to your company or companies.

Submission Status Grid: View the status of all submissions made to NISS. The status is updated as a submission is received, processed, and approved, providing an easy way for a member company to view a snapshot of their submission activity.

View Correspondence: Provides member companies online access to various submission-related information including Data Quality Reports, feedback on your data, and other pertinent correspondence – a quick and easy way to reference important information regarding your data submissions.

Timeliness Reports: View and download your Timeliness Reports for the three most recent completed Call Year cycles of reporting. These reports show a summary of your company's filing performance relative to NISS report filing deadlines for a particular Call Year. Since NISS does not charge fines or fees for late reporting, we rely on member company diligence in reporting data on time. The Timeliness Report can help a company review which Calls were submitted on time and identify Calls for which submission times can be improved.

Member Company Website Administrator: We put the power in your hands. With just a few clicks, your company’s website administrator can create accounts that allow individuals to utilize the resources on the “member side” of the NISS website. Your website administrator also manages contact and company information through the NISS website, and assigns permissions to individuals to perform various statistical reporting functions through the website and designates who should receive various communications from NISS.

Additional Resources: You also have access to other resources such as Call Instructions, Statistical Plans, Filing Schedule, Bulletins – everything you need to complete your reporting requirements.

If you are interested in trying out the company specific features mentioned above, we’d be happy to set you up with a demo account. Please click here to let us know!

Edit Tools
NISS offers many useful edit tools and resources, all of which are available to members as free downloads on the NISS website. With input from member company representatives on the Technical Advisory Committee, NISS continually looks for ways to improve and expand these resources. Click here for more information.

Data Quality Reports: Data Quality Reports are provided to assist you in reviewing the data. For example, these reports show invalid codes and error counts, along with totals by coverages and classifications.

Online EditThe NISS online edit utility allows member companies to upload files for testing as many times as desired. After analyzing the reports and files generated for an uploaded file, you can edit your submissions as needed and resubmit for more results. 

Edit Software: The NISS Edit Software is designed to allow member companies to edit their data at the desktop level prior to the data submission to NISS. Some of the features include viewing error counts, checking transmittal balancing, and running reasonability tests.  The NISS Edit Software is only available for Calls not yet available through the Online Edit.

Territory by ZIP Code Listing: This is an Excel spreadsheet which lists valid Territory Codes for each ZIP code for Automobile, Homeowners, and Fire & Allied Lines, and can be sorted and filtered by Private Passenger, Commercial or both types of risk, territory, ZIP code, county, city, state, effective date, and/or obsolete date.

Edit Tables: The same Edit Tables we use to edit company data submissions internally can be downloaded and used to validate data elements prior to submission to NISS. Member company IT departments utilize these tables in their internal systems to find any issues early in the process of creating the data files.

At NISS, we strive to make the reporting process as simple and painless as possible for our member companies. One of the ways we accomplish this is by providing members with training and education through workshops, detailed support documents, and more. Click here for more information.

Workshops: The NISS statistical workshop covers a range of topics, including annual statement reconciliation, resources and reporting tips, edit tools (including Edit Software), explanation of reports sent on behalf of member companies, frequently found errors, and a walkthrough of the NISS website, including tutorials on the member-interactive features. To inquire about our next workshop, please click here.

Filing Preparation Checklist: In order to help guide you through the statistical reporting requirements each year, NISS created the Filing Preparation Checklist. This checklist walks you through each step of preparing and submitting files to NISS.

Statistical Reporting Guide: This guide is a reference to assist all involved in statistical reporting, particularly those new to statistical reporting.  It is a hands-on document that takes members through the why, what and how of reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions: This page presents a comprehensive list of answers to questions we receive most frequently at NISS. These FAQs cover a multitude of topics from general statistical reporting questions to common data errors.

Glossary of Insurance Terms: NISS provides a comprehensive list and links to commonly used words and definitions in the insurance statistical reporting industry.