Statistical Reporting Guide

In order to assist our member companies with their statistical reporting tasks, NISS has created a Statistical Reporting Guide.  This guide was developed primarily for companies or individuals new to statistical reporting.  It is also a helpful reference for those experienced with statistical reporting. 

The Statistical Reporting Guide is accessible through the link and is organized in a "Q & A" format by categories of tasks, starting with understanding why companies do statistical reporting, defining what "Calls" are and working through preparing and submitting Calls.  This guide also details tools and references available to help prepare and monitor various submissions.

    Click here to view a printer friendly version of the Statistical Reporting Guide.

Training Videos

These training videos highlight various aspects of statistical reporting with NISS, including tools and reports provided to assist with your reporting and features of the NISS web site to help you submit files, track your submissions and, in general, make your reporting easier.

To view a video click the link in the Topic column.  The video will open in Windows Media Player.  You may be asked to download software needed to run the video if it is not already installed on your computer.  If you receive a message regarding the "CODEC," please click here to install the update.




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 Statistical Reporting
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 Data Quality Reports

NISS welcomes your suggestions for other training topics.  Please contact NISS with your ideas.

NISS Workshop Information

NISS regularly offers a Statistical Workshop for its member companies as an opportunity to learn more about statistical reporting, as well as a chance to meet the NISS staff and interact with their peers. Our latest workshop was held on Tuesday, May 7, 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The workshop is fairly technical in nature, primarily directed to staff members that are involved in the details of data management and statistical reporting.

The major topics covered at the workshop are:

  • Background of Statistical Reporting and Current Industry Issues
  • Demonstration of the Member-Interactive Features of the NISS Website
  • In Depth Discussion of Statistical Terms and Concepts
  • Overview of the Internal Data Flow
  • Importance of Annual Statement Balancing
  • NISS Resources, Tips and Edit Tools
  • Comprehensive Review of Edit Error Listings and Frequently Found Errors
  • Explanation and Review of Prooflist and Automobile Plan B Reports
  • Demonstration of the NISS Edit Software Packages and Online Edits  

View our latest workshop materials by clicking here.

Download the latest workshop PowerPoint presentation by clicking here.

Glossary of Insurance Terms

NISS Glossary of Insurance Terms

The NISS Glossary of Insurance Terms provides a list of commonly used words and definitions in the insurance statistical reporting industry.  Our list is a work in progress, as new terms are always being added over time.

Please keep in mind that the NISS Glossary of Insurance Terms was developed with insurance statistical reporting in mind, and certain words may be defined differently in a different context.

NISS Glossary of Insurance Organizations

The NISS Glossary of Insurance Organizations is a small list of organizations (including their acronyms) that are related to either the insurance industry in general or specifically to statistical reporting.

Glossary of Insurance and Risk Management Terms

NISS has also included a link to the Glossary of Insurance and Risk Management Terms for companies to reference for any insurance terms, including those not specifically related to statistical reporting.

The Glossary of Insurance and Risk Management Terms was first published by IRMI in 1978 to help those within and outside the insurance industry to communicate effectively. It has been continuously updated and expanded since the original publication and, with definitions of more than 3,100 risk and insurance terms, is probably the most comprehensive and up to date property and casualty insurance glossary or dictionary.

Also be sure to check out the insurance acronyms and abbreviations where nearly 1,000 insurance abbreviations are defined.