We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the online edit utility for Commercial Lines Statistical Plan...

Vol. 54 | May 2024

Commercial Lines Online Edit Now Available

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the online edit utility for Commercial Lines Statistical Plan (CLSP) and Commercial Lines Statistical Plan Excess Loss (CLSPEX)! The NISS online edit feature provides member companies with a streamlined process to test their data before submitting to NISS. It utilizes the same edit tables, codes, and reports that NISS uses internally to process your data. There are no file size limitations or software requirements for using this online edit utility, and it is provided to our members free of charge.

This NISS online edit utility allows member companies to upload files for testing as often as desired. We hope the ease of use and elimination of any file size limitations will encourage members to get the maximum benefits from this utility. Currently the online edit is available for the following lines:

  • Burglary & Theft (BR)

  • Commercial Lines Statistical Plan (CLSP)

  • Commercial Lines Statistical Plan Excess Loss (CLSPEX)

  • Farmowners (FO)

  • Fidelity & Surety (FS)

  • General Liability (GL)

  • General Liability Excess Loss (GLEX)

  • Homeowners (HO)

  • Inland Marine (IM)

This utility is being developed on an ongoing basis and other lines of business will be added in the future. In the meantime, the remaining lines are still available for testing through the Microsoft Access Edit Software also available on the NISS website. We hope you find the online edit very useful as we continue to try to make the reporting process as easy and simple as possible.

Loss Adjustment Expense (LAE) Call Explained

The Loss Adjustment Expense (LAE) Call is for reporting Countrywide Allocated and Unallocated Loss Adjustment Expenses and Incurred Losses, as a supplement to the Automobile, General Liability and Medical Professional data. This is primarily used in creating loss adjustment factors which help develop aggregate loss data to best reflect industry experience.

NISS also collects this data in the Insurance Expense Exhibit (IEE) Call; however, the Loss Adjustment Expense Call breaks out the expense data further by bodily injury and property damage, which is necessary to calculate the factors properly.

In order to help clarify the Loss Adjustment Expense (LAE) Call, we have displays in the Call Instructions to help guide you through the correct way to fill out the LAE form. To view these displays, please view the 2024 LAE Call under “Data Submissions & Filings” on the member side of the NISS website.

2024 Upcoming Meetings

Board Meeting
St. George, Utah | May 3-6, 2024

Executive Committee Meeting
Virtual Meeting | September 6, 2024

Board Meeting
Indianapolis, Indiana | September 16, 2024

Technical Advisory Committee
Virtual Meeting | October 22, 2024

Executive Committee Meeting
Virtual Meeting | December 6, 2024

Board Meeting
Virtual Meeting | December 16, 2024

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2024 Upcoming Due Dates

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Stat Brain Teaser

If a hen and a half lays an egg and a half in a day and a half, how many eggs will half a dozen hens lay in half a dozen days?

Please email your answers to NISSNews@niss-stat.org. A person will be randomly drawn from the first ten correct answers, and that person will win a $25 gift card from Amazon.com!

Winner of $25 Amazon gift card last quarter: Ken Hodges

For the question and answer from the last brain teaser, please view the NISS News section here.

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