At NISS, our priority is making the statistical reporting process as simple as possible for our member companies.

Vol. 39 | August 2020

NISS Website Features

At NISS, our priority is making the statistical reporting process as simple as possible for our member companies. We accomplish this through simplified reporting requirements and providing member companies the tools and resources they need. Our most utilized tool is the NISS website, and because of that, we are constantly developing new website enhancements. Some features of the website include:

  • Online Submissions: Data files can be easily and securely uploaded on the website. NISS has streamlined the file uploading process, making your choices specific to your company or companies.

  • Submission Status Grid: Companies can view the status of all submissions they have made to NISS. The status is updated as a submission is received, processed, and approved, providing an easy way for a member company to view a snapshot of their submission activity.

  • View Correspondence:  This feature provides member companies online access to various submission-related information including Data Quality Reports, feedback on your data, and other pertinent correspondence - a quick and easy way to reference important information regarding your data submissions.

  • Member Company Website Administrator:  We put the power in your hands. With just a few clicks, your company's website administrator can create accounts that allow individuals to utilize the resources on the NISS website. Your website administrator also manages permissions and company-specific information.

  • View Compilations:  After all data is collected from our member companies, NISS compiles an aggregate final report for each line of business. Along with sending these compilations to state insurance departments, we also make them available for member companies to view online.

  • Edit Tools:  NISS offers many useful edit tools and resources, all of which are available free to members.  These tools include Online Edits, Edit Software, Edit Tables, Territory by ZIP Code Listings, and Data Quality Reports.

  • Training/Education:  NISS provides members with many training and education options including workshops, video training tutorials, a filing preparation checklist, a statistical reporting guide, and more.

  • Additional Resources:  You also have access to other resources such as Call Instructions, Statistical Plans, Filing Schedule, Timeliness Reports, and Bulletins – everything you need to complete your reporting requirements.

We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback on these features and our member companies inform us they find the website extremely helpful and easy to navigate.

Where We’re Going and Where We’ve Been

The conferences NISS was planning to attend this year have either been canceled or switched to a virtual event. NISS is planning to attend some virtual events in the fall, including InsureTech Connect.

NISS also participates in the virtual NAIC meetings throughout the year.

We look forward to seeing all of you again once it is safer to meet in person!

About Us

NISS is a unique resource for the property/casualty insurance industry. We collect and report timely, quality insurance data and perform other related functions at a reasonable cost.

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2020 Upcoming Due Dates

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2020 Upcoming Meetings

Executive Committee Meeting
August 18, 2020

Board of Directors Meeting
September 14, 2020

Technical Advisory Committee
October 20, 2020

Executive Committee Meeting
November 24, 2020

Board Meeting
December 14, 2020

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