Vol. 30 | May 2018

NISS Edit Tables – Now in Excel Format

As we continue to work to provide useful resources to our member companies, we are now in the process of converting our Edit Tables into Excel format. Currently our Edit Tables are available in .txt format on the NISS website and can be downloaded and integrated into your system. By doing this, you can use the same Edit Tables we use to edit company data submissions and use them to validate your company data elements prior to submission of NISS Calls.

We will soon be offering Edit Tables in Excel format, which will allow companies to sort many different criteria within the Tables. The first lines of business to go on the website in Excel format will be Burglary & Theft, Farmowners, Fidelity & Surety, Homeowners, and Inland Marine. Other lines of business will follow in the future. We will continue to do all we can to make the reporting process as easy and simple as it can be.

Fast Track Utility

Fast Track is a quarterly report in which NISS collects data from the top Homeowners and Auto writers in each state. We then combine the data with other Statistical Agents and send it to State Insurance Departments. We also sell these reports for a nominal fee to companies that are interested in comparing their experience against the industry.

We’ve been busy developing a Fast Track Utility which is designed for two purposes. The first is to help companies that report Fast Track data to NISS review and verify their data prior to submission to NISS. The second purpose of this Utility is for companies that purchase the Fast Track Reports from NISS. We will be placing a blank database on the NISS website for a company’s individual use, where they can import their company data into the database and compare it to industry data.

If you are interested in purchasing Fast Track reports or would like more information on this helpful database, please contact us at

Where We’re Going and Where We’ve Been

  • NISS is currently attending the IDMA Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • In June, NISS will host booth #351 at the Insurance Accounting & Systems Association (IASA) Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee
  • In September, NISS will host a booth at the NAMIC Convention in San Antonio, Texas
  • In October, NISS will attend the InsureTech Connect Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • NISS attends the NAIC meetings throughout the year

About Us

NISS is a unique resource for the property/casualty insurance industry. We collect and report timely, quality insurance data and perform other related functions at a reasonable cost.

For more information, please visit .

2018 Upcoming Due Dates

For a list of upcoming due dates, please click here.

2018 Upcoming Meetings

Technical Advisory Committee
Indianapolis, IN
June 26, 2018

Executive Committee Meeting
August 14, 2018

Board of Directors Meeting
Indianapolis, IN
September 17, 2018

Technical Advisory Committee
Indianapolis, IN

October 16, 2018

Executive Committee Meeting
November 27, 2018

Board Meeting
December 17, 2018

Stat Brain Teaser

A lazy sloth climbs six feet up a utility pole during the day, then slides back down five feet during the night. If the pole is 30 feet high and the sloth starts from the ground (zero feet), how many days does it take the sloth to reach the top of the pole?

Please email your answers to A person will be randomly drawn from the first ten correct answers, and that person will win a $25 gift card from!

Winner of $25 Amazon gift card last quarter: Victor Samardak

For the question and answer from the last brain teaser, please view the NISS News section here.

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